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Services We Provide

Un-Regulated Firms

ClaimBack is a company that is primarily about helping people who lost their money due to an internet scam, especially in the field of financial investment and trading.

We are extremely familiar with most unregulated brokers and know exactly how they operate, as well as with the banks and the credit companies’ bureaucracy. We have an access to the owners of those companies, in the majority of cases. Sometimes, even before we contact the relevant authorities, we reach out to the companies’ CEO, threatening them with legal action. Since those scammers are afraid to be revealed for their crimes, they’re more likely to release the stolen funds in a settlement, rather than being exposed. (Just look at Banc-De-Binary, for example, the owner pays back to his clients 11 Million Dollars on monthly basis in a settlement with the government).

Our Process

1. Representative

Our client reaches us, via mail or phone. *Mail is more efficient as most of our experts will be on the phone. Mail should require all the details so our representative will be informed while making the first call.

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2. Claim Assessment

We will only take cases worth pursuing, if the case is old or of low chances – we won’t take it and we'll let you know why. We only take cases that we will win. Our success rate serves as solid proof for that.

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3. A Multifaceted Process

A multifaceted process to solve your problem. The credit card/Bank company will be sent a letter written by a solicitor specializing in international law. Processing companies, if involved, will get confronted by a letter from a solicitor specializing in international law. Sending a well-written letter to the banks, and/or the ombudsman of the bank, and any 3rd parties involved in the transaction/s if needed.

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4. Patience is Key

Depending on the complexity of the case, and the number of financial authorities involved in the pursuit of the case, it might take anywhere between 3 months to 9 months. Patience is key – we can help, but it takes time and you must understand that for the process to flow healthily.

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5. Getting Results

Getting answers from the authorities and/or businesses involved /settlement deal.

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6. Claimback

ClaimBack your money to your bank account through a chargeback / a recall / a signed settlement, and ClaimBack gets commission for the work.

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Services We Provide

Regulated Firms

Regulated trading companies are technically not scams but if they break regulation then they are breaking the law.

The majority of regulated firms that we see consistently break the regulation. These firms are not allowed to do much else than explain how the platform works. For example, they cannot tell you what to trade on purely because when you lose they win, therefore this creates a conflict of interest between the Firm and the client. Unfortunately, the majority of victims who lose money because of broken regulations do nothing about it because they believe it was part and parcel of the experience when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I THINK I’VE BEEN SCAMMED BUT I’M NOT SURE IF THIS APPLIES TO ME? As we said earlier, most people who have been scammed do nothing about it, either due to embarrassment, fear of repercussions, depression, or probably a combination of all three things. We know it’s hard but one thing is for sure, sitting on your backside, drowning your thoughts in daily life will not help you mentally and will certainly not help you get your money back, the chances that someone will just call and return your funds are slim too non.

If you are struggling with depression or any other form of mental health please reach out to your local suicide prevention hotline, reach out to a loved one, or even talk with your very own ClaimBack expert. You can also check out the UK NHS webpage covering the topic: We know better than anyone what you are going through. You are not alone.

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