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Help You to Recover
Your Money

If you have lost money to what you suspect to be online scammers, contact us today and find out if you can claim back your funds!

    Welcome To ClaimBackNow


    ClaimBack is your one-stop-shop for getting back your money! We have the biggest variety of professionals at our disposal such as former bank employees, international solicitors, Private Investigators, and many more. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and giving you the best strategy so you can be successful when you ClaimBack! Our diverse talent pool contributes to a creative environment that is helping us produce world-record results.


    ClaimBack prides itself on its integrity. Once you have spoken to one of our experts you will find out if it is possible to claim back your funds. Unfortunately, we cannot help all of our clients as most cases are not workable but by the end of the phone call, you will not only know if it is possible to claim back your funds, your expert will also help you understand how it is done.


    ClaimBack is highly transparent to the customer. We will start by assessing your claim and giving you the facts. If we can help you with your claim, you’ll then be presented with a well-detailed price breakdown. You must get the knowledge you need to start claiming your funds back. We expect from ourselves what we expect from others, and by being 100% transparent we express ourselves fully and in an honest way, which is a value we believe our workers and co-workers should live by too.

    About Our Company

    ClaimBackNow exists because of Online Fraud. Online Fraud can come in many forms but the scams we focus on are Binary Options, Forex, CFD’s, Crypto, Dating, and Recovery.

    Binary Options/Forex scams originate in Israel and since 2017 have been banned by the government. Unfortunately, what happened next just added more pressure to victims of trading/investment scams.

    Israeli recovery firms popped up everywhere, claiming they could “return clients money 100%”, even writing on their websites “we recovered 100% of funds for 80% of clients”, most companies even work hand in hand with trading scammers, selling client info and god knows what else. Due to the overwhelming evidence and financial warnings from all over the world including the UK’s FCA we have concluded that most so-called recovery firms in Israel are just another scam. In conclusion: The only thing you can be 100% sure of is that if a Trading or Recovery firm promises you profits, or your money back, it’s 100% a scam.

    The Times of Israel has covered this subject extensively and if you want to stay safe online, you should check out their article on Recovery scammer’s WRE in Israel ( ).

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    If you’ve lost money to online scammers, contact us now and we’ll work with you to get your money back!

    First consultation free! Contact us today and
    find out if you can claim back your money!

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